Transforming the Produce Category with a Fresh TAKE ON DESIGN

Project Role: strategy, naming, creative concepting, copywriting


Eden Green Technology, a vertical farming startup, came to us with an audacious goal: to end “food deserts” and ensure every human has access to the freshest, most flavorful and nutrient-dense produce on the planet. In order to develop and launch a compelling brand into a rapidly emerging market, we immersed in the technology, category landscape, and consumer need to position, name, design, and launch the brand for the company’s first retail offering: Crisply Produce.


Through immersive focus groups, we uncovered the core driver behind consumer produce purchase: freshness. In order to deliver upon the brand’s aspirations and differentiate at shelf, we anchored the brand strategy and corresponding visual expression in everything “fresh”—disrupting the way produce is grown, distributed, and consumed. By tracking every plant from seed to shelf, we made Crisply the first and only brand with a “harvested on” date on pack, bringing transparency to a category where competitor produce spends weeks in distribution.



At a time when food distributors nationwide were under scrutiny for unsafe, poor quality produce, Crisply uprooted conventional farming practices in favor of putting peace of mind back into the purchasing process. This level of brand differentiation was reinforced through a vibrant, approachable yet minimalistic approach to messaging and packaging design, making the “Fresh You Can Feel” produce the hero. The brand initially launched in Texas-area Walmarts, with plans to expand across the US, Caribbean and the Middle East by 2019. The buzzworthy brand launch received national coverage, with a feature in Forbes in June of 2018.

Crisply Mac Web.jpg

Joanie Bier