Scott’s Liquid Gold

Bringing a Heritage Brand Back to Its Original Shine

Project Role: research, strategy, creative concepting


Though once considered a miracle wood cleaning product, Scott’s Liquid Gold was quickly losing market share to new players. And with design trends antiquating the brand, it was clear Scott’s was in need of a timely makeover.


Through in-depth consumer and retail channel research, we uncovered an insight that set wood apart from other surfaces in the home: once living and never cold, wood always welcomes the human touch, building memories and a sense of fondness other materials don’t. Knowing this, BrandJuice worked to reinvigorate consumer desire to preserve the wood surfaces in their homes and therefore, Scott’s Liquid Gold. 


Through a complete redesign of their logo and product packaging, an arsenal of category-leading messaging, a comprehensive activation and media plan, along with an artful and industry-disrupting television commercial, consumers were reminded of the true beauty of wood—far beyond floors, coffee tables and antiques—that surrounds them.

Joanie Bier