Elevating The Edibles Category

Project Role: research, strategy, naming, creative concepting


In a rapidly growing industry saturated with pot leaves and pun, BlueKudu—a chocolate edibles brand—was primed to reposition its brand with a premium, sophisticated product in order to rise above its unkempt, tie-die clad competition. 


I worked in collaboration with the strategy and design team to fully immerse in the current state of the cannabis industry, conducting in-market research that uncovered a pivotal opportunity: to turn the consumer trepidation around timing and duration on its head, by positively messaging the experience around a smooth, balanced high that will elevate an entire occasion from start to finish. 


The benefit of “unwind anytime” built on the functional promise of unparalleled consistency positioned the brand to be “shapers of experience.” This strategy translated into a new product line naming structure, upgraded packaging design, and more user-friendly form factor. The new product suite was redesigned, using a bit of mysticism to create allure where discovery and curiosity reign—ultimately illustrating how each unique flavor takes consumers through periods of time and imagination to remind them that no matter the occasion, they can Unwind Anytime with BlueKudu.

BlueKudu revealed their new brand at the Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado. The design shattered all industry norms and the consumer response was immediate. Dispensaries reported a 35% increase in sales in the first two months, regardless of price increase, proving a more sophisticated and inviting look and feel could earn a higher share of wallet and establish a differentiated and premium position.

Joanie Bier