My name is Joanie Bier. I’m a photographer, creative, strategist, cold weather obsesser, and lover of peanut butter.  

While my disciplines stretch wide, my focus remains narrow: create the compelling. And my philosophical disposition is that to do so requires an eye for the unexpected, and an incorruptible sense of the unknown. Which is why, with a yearning for the foreign and unfamiliar, and with a touch of reckless abandon, I strive to capture and create that which is an embodiment of soulfulness, pure humanity, and the intention in imagination.

On a separate but related note, I’m a dabbler in words and strategies. Brand strategies that is. I currently work at a Denver-based agency, BrandJuice, with some of the most creative, wild-minded peeps I know. I enjoy Shel Silverstein poems, horror films, Sriracha, and the rough and tumble sounds of Johnny Cash.  

And I’m happy to be here.